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Hapuna Morning

Hapuna Morning

Walking from one side to the other 4 times is about a mile, or maybe it was 5 or 6 times … that’s the best, the ocean eases the need to know about time. Lost of folks out at 0800 looking clear.


Up above my head


Went 4 walk on upper highway, noticed my new light “raincoat” doesn’t do as advertised! Oh well. The view divine.

Late summer


What an incredible time! The air is so clear, makes the garden shine.

Folks come & go, leaving a bit of their magic via their stories, shared dinners & events. Let’s see, there was the Hawai’i Performing Arts festival which seemed to overtake the town with young people dancing in the streets, offering heartfelt quality performances by night. My young guest from Taiwan played her violin in the Ohana, the house and myself were spellbound by her. Turned off all distraction to listen and feel the reverberation of her music.

Then came a family reunion, celebrating together for a week. They had so much fun it also wore off on us hosts.

I feel great blessings with new guests as they arrive.

The Ohana Housewife


Atop Mauna Kea looking over at Mauna Loa.

Kamuela U’i (beauty)

      On an island, to be centrally located, is good! Kamuela (aka Waimea), has access to all! From this location, one can choose what will best fit their desire.
      Many come for ocean activity, which is plentiful. Located about 10 miles to Hapuna Beach, a ½ mile stretch of white sand with easy access; or to more remote beaches that line the coast. According to National Geographic, Kauna’oa Bay is the quintessential Hawaiian Spot. This is an invitation to explore, find your own personal favorite.
      It takes longer than you imagine to get from one place to another, you may look at a map and see 20 miles. Not knowing the stretch of 20 miles are rugged roads with many curves, it will take, at least, double time what one would expect. We do forget, people from the mainland are used to driving distances. For islanders, if we have to go further than half way around, we are likely bring a picnic, bedroll and change of clothes. Or at least another driver.
      Hawai’i Island is new land, a toddler. The youngest of the apparent Volcanic Chain, Loihi, remains underwater and unlikely to be seen by my eyes in this lifetime. On new lava, life is formed. What never ceases to thrill me is the green plant life growing amid the a’a, the sharp, beautiful rock that looks like rough ocean water stopped mid air. If one accidentally walks on a’a, that is exactly what they say, only very loud, “A’A”!
      There is the smooth like fudge ‘pahoehoe’ lava that appears walkable, until one learns it’s thin like pie crust could easily break and collapse with the right amount of weight, a goat, a human … Hence shoes, at least slippers. Obviously, a good pair of boots can become snacks for Madame Pele
      Come, learn of the many facets of Hawai’i Island!

shoes after Lava